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Bucks Night, Bucks Party, Poker Table Hire in Melbourne and Adelaide

Organising a bucks night or bucks party in Melbourne or Adelaide?

Welcome to Poker Face! The premium bucks night, bucks party and poker table hire specialist in Australia.


Poker Face is the leading Australian poker tournaments company specialising in corporate entertainment and the ever popular bucks night poker party in Melbourne, Victoria and also Adelaide, South Australia. Poker Face offers high quality professional corporate entertainment, bucks party, poker table hire, bucks nights and poker lessons at any venue you choose. Our Poker Face website offers a wide range of information with everything from poker lessons to using poker tournaments as corporate team building. At Poker Face, we can organise everything you need for a successful texas holdem poker tournament or the perfect bucks night entertainment.

Poker Face is not just about organising a great bucks party or bucks night, corporate entertainment or poker table hire. We feature additional information and resources such as a poker shop where you can browse different suppliers of poker chips, poker tables, poker books, poker DVDs and poker magazines. We also have poker information, software, where and how to play poker and even lessons. A one-stop site for poker information in Australia.

Since Australian Joe Hachem won the World Series of poker in 2005, there has been a phenomenal growth in poker in Australia and with very good reason. It is the ONLY gambling game that does not have a built-in house advantage, thus enabling you to utilise your skill, knowledge and psychology to win money. This sets poker players apart from your average gambler, who leaves everything to blind luck, in an attempt to win money. With more and more Australians taking up poker we have included extra information on our site. Browse our poker website to help increase your knowledge and skills set to help you become a better player. Alternatively, contact us about helping you organise a poker tournament. Until then we hope to see you at the final table. Available now in Melbourne, Victoria and Adelaide, South Australia.

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